Friday, April 1, 2011

A Little Anxious

Lately I've been getting nauseated for no apparent reason. It's really never been a problem for me until this year. I typically have a pretty strong constitution. But this sick-to-my-stomach feeling has been bothering me a lot lately. I know what you're thinking, and I'm not pregnant. Sometimes it happens when I'm really stressed out (which would explain why this problem chose now to grace me with its presence), but sometimes I'm really stressed out and it doesn't happen. I don't really know how to fix it except to try to relax and drink water, but even then it just kind of comes and goes when it pleases. It's kind of awful to feel like that when you're already busy and worried about things. Why does the body turn on you when you need it to function properly most? Well it doesn't always do that, but sometimes it seems that way. Like when you're trying to hold someone's hand for the first time and you get all sweaty or when you're trying to make a good impression and you get all shaky and fall over and spill limeade all over them. You'd think we'd be able to just will ourselves to be awesome when we need it, but that is unfortunately not the case at all. Very rarely have I been nervous about something and performed perfectly. It's just one of life's cruelties. But I guess the best we can do is try not to stress about things and when we do and fall on our faces, just learn to laugh about it. 

Countdown Update!!!
1 day until General Conference
2 days until Mallory arrives in Utah
3 days until my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!
4 days until my two huge term projects are due
6 days until Eric and Gini's BIG DAY and Quinn and I drive to CA
7 days until my wedding dress fitting
8 days until Vance and Melissa's BIG DAY
9 days until we drive back to Utah
11 days until my temple recommend interview with the bishop
12 days until my LAST DAY OF CLASS in my undergraduate career
13 days until I pack up all my stuff and clear out of my house

14 days until I go blonde
15 days until my first final of the semester
16 days until my temple recommend interview with the stake president
17 days until Mallory arrives in California and my last day of work
18 days until I take my LAST FINAL (ever) and move to California
19 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
20 days until bridals/groomals
21 days until Sammy, Chase, Kelly, and Devin arrive in California
22 days until the BIG DAY

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elise said...

I feel ya, lady. I shake a ton when I get nervous but not only that, my stomach hurts more than ever. I have hypoglycemia and when I don't eat, not only do I shake but I get sick to my stomach. Perhaps it's something like that? Feel better lady, you have a good month ahead of you!


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