Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fiesta Days Rodeo

saturday, july 24

We went to the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Rodeo for Pioneer Day on Saturday. Front row seats. It was the best.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sick Yo

I've been sick for the past week and it only seems to be getting worse... although it wasn't too bad when I woke up this morning... so that's good. But, in general, I think it's getting worse because DayQuil and NyQuil are starting to have no effect whatsoever on me. Boo. Oh well. I'll just try and get lots of sleep and drink lots of water and drink yummy vitamin C drinks and lay out all the time. Being sick is the worst. But it does give you an excuse to be lazy, which can be nice sometimes. And at least I'm not in the middle of finals or something. So I guess I should count my blessings.

Besides being sick, yesterday was such a fantastic day. It was one of those days that wasn't super eventful but was just so so good. First of all, I went to church, which I haven't done in two months. It's not because I don't want to go. In fact, I've been trying to go for the past three weeks, but I've been on vacation a lot and haven't been able to. It was like taking a deep breathe after shallow breathing for two months. I will never go that long without going to church again. It was awful. It was like everything was fine, good even, but something was missing and it was so good to get it back.

Another thing I hadn't done in two months is visiting teaching, and I just thought about it and remembered that it's not that hard and I should just do it. I knew I would be out of town again next week so I figured I would get it done even though my companion wasn't around. It was so good. I got to meet this lovely girl in my ward and talk about the Gospel. That's what life's all about. Not to be cheesy or anything, but I really mean it. I've been having so much fun lately, but three hours at church and a half hour with my visiting teachee and I somehow feel SO much better. We keep ourselves busy for various reasons. I think I do it sometimes so that I don't have to deal with hard things and I can just have fun, which is a stupid reason to do anything. But it really amazed me how the church could just ground me and bring me peace again even though nothing was noticeably wrong in my life.

The day kept right on being awesome because Quinn was in town and I got to see him and then after I took him and his brother to the airport, I got to hang out with Mallory and her parents for a little bit, which always makes me happy, and then I drove home and loaded up with NyQuil and went to sleep. It was just a really good day and I luffed it. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

$$$ Must Be Funny

... in a rich man's world. But for me, it's the WORST.
Can't I just grow a pea garden and trade my peas for my necessities?
No. That's not how it works anymore. I have to sit at this desk and type stuff into this computer so that they can put numbers into my bank account. And then I send the numbers over to my bills. And then whatever number is left over equals the amount of fun in life I'm allowed to have. Boo. I want to win the lottery or get an inheritance or something. There are just so many things I want to do in my life and none of them really include sitting at a desk eight hours a day. I have a GREAT job. But I don't think I'm made for this indoor stuff. Maybe when I grow up, I'll get a job as a mountain woman and just live up in a cave until the wilderness runs out of food (which will be NEVER). Good plan, Becky. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby, There's a Shark in the Water

Shark in the Water by VV Brown
Enjoy :)

Kings of Leon!!

monday, july 19

Mallory took me to the Kings of Leon concert for my birthday tonight! It was a great show! Thanks, Mal!! Love you! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Grand Prismatic Spring

sunday, july 18

Last stop in Yellowstone was the Grand Prismatic Spring and it was one of my most favorite parts! I especially like this emo picture of Stash. I took it, but Kate made it look all cool... even though the spring was pretty cool all by itself. 


saturday, july 17
This was the second day of our adventures in Yellowstone and it was SO beautiful, I couldn't stop at just one picture. 

Birthday in Montana!! ... and Idaho ... and Wyoming

friday, july 16

This was the first day of our trip to Yellowstone and it was just lovely. Started the day off with waffles in Idaho, went to Montana and had my birthday pizza and then headed up to Wyoming for a dip in the water and a beautiful day in a beautiful place with beautiful people.

First Moments in Idaho

thursday, july 15

It was my first time in Idaho so we took some pictures of the rugged landscape. In reality, it was pretty flat but I would rather drive to Idaho than California any day. Also, Rexburg is a make believe town.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Endless Summer

As much as I would love to say that this post is about me traveling around the world surfing for ten years, it's not.  It is, however, about how fantastic my summer has been thus far. I went into this summer thinking I would be a workaholic and go on a couple trips, but that it would in no way compare to the incredible summer I had last year. But, like most things in my life, it has been not what I expected at all so far. In the words of our buddy Mick, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you neeeed."

And oh boy did I need all the good times this summer has brought me. First, I quit my job at Los, which came as as much of a surprise to me as to everyone else, but oh my gosh!! I can not express to you my joy at having left that place! It was good place to work for the over two years that I put into it, but being done with it feels more right than picking up some douche bag's litter in one of our beautiful national forests, which, trust me, feels pretty dang right. Finances are tighter, but my mental health is much improved, which is generally more important to me.

Other than that, I've gone on some sweet trips, developed a love for Eminem and Lady Gaga, made new friends, and gotten closer to the ones I already had. I love going on trips and doing fun new things so much! It makes me feel like I'm living my life instead of just existing. But the thing that I really love the most is the people that surround me. I am so lucky to know so many amazing people! And it never ceases to amaze me how different everyone in this world is and how much each of us has to offer. I've met a few people in particular who have really impressed me and I'm so glad I met them because they make me want to be a better person.

One person that changed my life for the better was a lady at Glen Ivy Day Spa with some type of accent. I didn't even actually hear her, but Mallory said that as she left the mud bath place, she said to her friends, "I feel so renewed!" Of course me and Mal quoted her for the rest of the trip and will probably continue to quote her for quite some time to come, but I loved it! She was so excited to put mud all over herself and wash it off! Mud is the best! And yes.. me and Mal are official members of Club Mud. We got all covered in the gook and let it dry and then washed it off. Turns out, that stuff works miracles.

Anyway, holy moly, what a great summer! And there's more to come... Bear Lake, Havasupai, Yellowstone, possibly Zion's, rodeos, Fiesta Days, Kings of Leon, and hopefully lots more awesome people. Stay classy, Crab Cooker!

The Chocolate

tuesday, july 13

My sweet roommate Leah is on her way to New York as we speak so we all went out for my birthday to The Chocolate before she left. It was so cute! I have the most bestest friends!

Work Birthday Holler!

monday, july 12

The only good thing about coming back to work after a great trip was seeing my birthday up on the birthdays of the week board. :)

Drive Home

sunday, july 11

Besides my AC going out and it being a hellishly hot ride from Barstow to St. George, the drive home was pretty good and went by relatively fast. Also, this epic rainbow gave us something to look at.

Newps Temple

saturday, july 10

last day of the vacation
took a visit to the Newport Beach temple with two of my BFFs

Beach Day

friday, july 9

gettin' lathered


thursday, july 8

day 3 of our California vacation

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


wednesday, july 7

Only one of thousands of pictures taken that day.

The Crab Cooker

tuesday, july 6

This is day one of our (me and Mallory) trip to California..
We stopped by the Crab Cooker and had some yummy seafood and semi yummy breadsticks.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bees Game

sunday, july 4
we went to a Bees game for the 4th of July and got to go down to the field to watch the fireworks

Stay At Home Vacation

saturday, july 3

getting our boating on at Utah Lake... so delicious

Park City

friday, june 2

riding the lift at Park City resort
we got the sweet hook ups that night

The Capitol

thursday, july 1

watching the Sandlot at the state capitol building in Salt Lake

Good Song... Rihanna Looks Awful

F word warning... watch with caution.


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