Monday, April 11, 2011

Vance and Melissa

Next up was Vance and Melissa's wedding. We got in the car after Eric and Gini's and kept on going south until we hit California (around 6am) for Vance and Melissa's big day on Saturday. It was a perfect day and a beautiful reception!

Jill and Kyle getting Becca ready to be the cutest girl of the day.

Me and my cleaned-up-a-little mountain man. :)


These two geniuses were having Rubik's cube wars to get
 them pumped for the big day.

I got to hang out with Becca and Amanda while Vance and Melissa got
sealed. We weren't invited. :(

Here are a bunch of the folks from Melissa's side of the family who had to wait outside as well chillin' by the fountain.

Becca was being so stinkin' adorable!

We got to meet up with everyone again after the sealing.

Pres. Redd is in this picture. He's trying to hide behind my head, but you
can still see the top of his head.

Paige and her mad photographer skills as Vance and Melissa were coming out of the temple.

Waiting for all the pictures to be taken at the temple.

The reception! It was so pretty! :)

First dance! :)

Check out that blingin' chandeleir. 

I love this kid on the floor next to them. Not sure how
he got there.

Daddy-Daughter/Mommy-Son Dance. They danced to "You Raise Me Up." Very classy. 
It was such a fun day and we're so glad we got to go down for it! And, of course, it made us excited for our own big day in less than two weeks! Yay! :)

Congratulations, Vance and Melissa! :)

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Shannon said...

Thank you, thank you for posting all these fun pics!!! I kept checking FB for pics and Paige only had one posted. It looks like a smashing success. :) I love the chandelier at the reception. It looked amazing. There's nothing quite as "fun" as attending weddings when you're engaged. You guys seem to be good sports about it. I'm so very excited for you in less than 2 weeks! Yay!


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