Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm a Bachelorette!! . . . for now. :)

Kelly threw me the absolute BEST bachelorette party that ever was! It was so awesome! We played a necklace game, a word scramble game, a panty game, a quiz Becky and make her eat way too much gum game, ate sushi, and opened presents. It was so much fun!! And so many people came! I felt so loved and it was so good to see everyone! I wish I could hang out with all of my friends every day. They are just the best. Anyway, here are some highlights from the evening:

I had to guess which panties everyone brought me. Definitely one of my favorite games of the evening. 

Leave it to Quinn to not tell me that I'm the only one in my bachelorette party picture whose head is cut in half. 

The Los girls (well.. some of them anyway)

My bridesmaids minus one. :)

This is Quinn's bum as he crawled under the table looking for his camera case.

This is a good one.

Elise, Claire, and Mallory

Shani and Dani. It was so good to see them!

Megan and Sammy. They look kinda twinny. Two of my favorite roommates.

Lisa, Kate, and Leah. Three more of my favorite roommates. :)

We got a kick out of watching our poor server move around the pink onesie.
The night was a success! I loved it so much! Thanks to everyone who came and for all the presents and to Kelly and Mallory for planning the best night of my life... so far. :)

Countdown Update!!!
1 day until Eric and Gini's BIG DAY and Quinn and I drive to CA
2 days until my wedding dress fitting
3 days until Vance and Melissa's BIG DAY
4 days until we drive back to Utah
6 days until my temple recommend interview with the bishop
7 days until my LAST DAY OF CLASS in my undergraduate career
8 days until I pack up all my stuff and clear out of my house
9 days until I go blonde
10 days until my first final of the semester
11 days until my temple recommend interview with the stake president
12 days until Mallory arrives in California and my last day of work
13 days until I take my LAST FINAL and we move to California
14 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
15 days until bridals/groomals
16 days until Sammy, Chase, Kelly, and Devin arrive in California
17 days until WE GET MARRIED!!!

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Natalie said...

What a fun night! You are lucky to have such great friends. I love the string of undies. Hopefully you had them all cleaned up before Quinn got there so he doesn't have to torture himself thinking of you in them for the next two weeks. Hahaha... :)


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