Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For all those I've told about this video...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Phillips Kids

Mallory's dad asked me to Photoshop her brother Brian into this family photo.
So I did.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taylorsville Days

saturday, june 26
The Phillips are so sweet always letting me hang out with them.
What a night at the Taylorsville Days fireworks!

Fat Pug

friday, june 25

Friday, June 25, 2010

It Was Only A Matter of Time

until I posted this video

Burning Party

thursday, june 24
It was a little bit tough to say goodbye to this skirt, but I had some good friends there to help me through the hard times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Spanish Fork Hot Springs

wednesday, june 23
Just livin' the dream.

Culturally Obese

tuesday, june 22
What a tasty reunion we had!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Upgrade U

power couple, right here

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm OBSESSED with this song. The music video is super inappropriate, so follow THIS LINK at your own risk. But I decided to include this unofficial version for your viewing pleasure.


sunday, june 20
We stayed in Moab an extra day and went to the Eclecticafe for breakfast with Kate's parents.

Team Banana Boat

saturday, june 19
Day Three of the Massive Moab Trip
Rafting the Colorado River

Delicate Arch

friday, june 18
Day Two of the Massive Moab Trip
on our way back from hiking Delicate Arch

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wind Blows

I just love this. That's my only reason for posting it. Enjoy.

Father and Daughter

sunday, june 20

Alright, I know this song is called "Father and Son" but I'm not a son and it reminds me of my dad because he likes Cat Stevens and I remember driving somewhere with him once and laughing at this song for some reason with him. So, this is the music video of the day for Father's Day. 

Love you, Dad! You're the man!

Time To Pretend

saturday, june 19

My reasoning behind this one is basically that we listened to this song that day and that it's super bizarre.

Maverick in Moab

thursday, june 17
This is the beginning of a wonderful weekend in Moab.
We stopped at the Maverick for some frozen treats and met our new BFF, Bobby, there.
What a night to remember!

Do You Know? Do You?

friday, june 18

Sorry everyone. I went to Moab this weekend and so I haven't updated this epic blog for a few days. So I'm going to play some catch up. Any excuse to post more epic music videos. Here is one of my favorites by Enrique:

And HERE is Rob and Big's version.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ring of Fire

Since we made our own music videos last night, I thought I would post one for all of your viewing pleasure. This is "Ring of Fire" as made famous by Johnny Cash, performed by Danny O'Brien, Rachel O'Brien, and Kyle Blatter, with a guest appearance by Kelly Evans doing her Pippin Dance and Luke Evans saying, "Hi."

Here Comes the Hot Stepper

It's the lyrical gangster himself.

Dedicated to my dear sister, Erin, who's still livin' like that.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kelly!!

wednesday, june 16
It's Kelly's birthday!!
We went to Winger's for lunch to celebrate!

Car Buddies

tuesday, june 15
It's so great when me and Mallory park next to each other.
Makes my day.

Last Day at Los

friday, june 11
This is the last schedule at Los that I will be on. Tragic, isn't it?
The stars are so you creepers don't get everyone's numbers and the arrow is pointing to my name at the top of the list of servers, where I lived for a very long time. 

For Kelly On Her Birthday

It's the lovely Miss Kelly Evans' birthday today and so to honor her, my music video of the day will be "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. What an epic song and what an epic friend. Remember that moment at the observatory, Kelly? Remember?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Black Or White

I thought I would start off this little blogging experiment with a classic Michael Jackson music video. After all, he is the King of Pop.. and music videos.

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Rice, Sub Beans

I'm done.
I walked out of the doors of Los Hermanos on Friday night for the last time (as an employee anyway).
It has been a wild ride. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into that place for two years and three months and now I'm finally done.
I miss the people already (even though I saw most of them yesterday), but I don't miss the closing jobs and the politics and my frustration bringing out the worst in me.
Here are some pictures of the good times at Los and with Los people over the years...

Me, Maddy, and Bobby
July 4, 2008

Me and Susan
Halloween 2008

Me, Kymbra, Kelly, and Susan eating at Los after the Festival of Colors
March 2009

Summer 2009

Tessa's Farewell
Summer 2009

Kelly, Me, and Maddy
Summer 2009

Tessa's last night visit to Karl in Lindon
Summer 2009

Me and Bobby doing what we do
Halloween 2009

Brandon and Sunnie's Wedding Reception
October 2009

Lindon, Kelly, and Bil's Going Away Party
November 2009

Jeff's Farewell
January 2010

Dinner at TGIFriday's on Ben C.'s Last Night
March 2010

Liz and Me at the Festival of Colors
March 2010

Rock Band Party
March 2010

Jenn, Makay, and Me sporting LOTR shirts
June 2010

When people ask me why I quit, I just tell them it's because I felt like it was time to move on. Some of them don't believe me, but it's the truth. I literally woke up one morning after over two years of working there and had the distinct impression that I should quit. I was nervous that after I put in my two weeks, it would hit me that I did the wrong thing and then it would be too late to take it back. But, after I told Rachel (a manager) I was quitting, I felt great! It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, which is interesting because the pros and cons of working there pretty much balance each other out. It was nice having the extra money and hanging out with people that work there, but it was stressful sometimes in almost inexplicable ways and I never had a weekend to myself. So now that I quit, I get bored at work a lot more often and am a little bit shorter on cash than I would have been had I stayed, but I have every night to do whatever the heck I want and I can go on trips if I want to without asking for time off months in advance.

Bottom line, I honestly think that working at Los Hermanos has had a huge impact on my life because it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me, despite what I might have acted like. It taught me a lot about patience and I got to make a lot of friends I wouldn't have made otherwise. Also, I think everyone should be a server at some point in their life, just to understand what it's like. It's so hard to describe. It's both the easiest and the hardest job in the world at the same time. You just have to experience it. It teaches you a lot about yourself and can be very humbling. But I am glad to be done... for now... hopefully forever.

Now that I'm only down to one job, maybe I'll finally live out my childhood dream and become a bus driver.

Also, I will miss Elise and Kyle A LOT!!! Believe me now?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bombay House

wednesday, june 9

Some friends from Los came to eat at The Bombay House to celebrate me quitting.
Here they are socializing with each other.

Careless Whisper

I couldn't resist posting one more....

Thursday, June 10, 2010


1987 was the best year in the history of time because it was the year I came into the world.
It was also a great year for music.
About half of these songs are on my list of favorite songs of all time.
Maybe it's because I heard them in the womb or maybe it's because 1987 was just a great year!
The following are the top forty hits of 1987.

Coming in at #40, we have "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew
#35: "You Keep Me Hanging On" by Kim Wilde

#29: "Head To Toe" by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam

#23: "Shake Your Love" by Debbie Gibson

#19: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2

#17: "Open Your Heart" by Madonna

#13: "With or Without You" by U2

#11: "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship

#9: "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Belinda Carlisle

#8: "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake

#7: "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi

#3: "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Love Me) by Whitney Houston

And last but not least, topping the chart at #1, we have...
"Faith" by George Michael

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with me. :)
Following this link to see all 100 top hits from 1987.
Also, for Miss Ashley Warner's version for 1988, click here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Got My Hair Did

monday, june 7

Little Furniture

saturday, june 5
My mom and dad came to visit me this weekend. They stayed in this cute little place not too far from where I live and there was this adorable little room there for a small child to stay in. Everything was miniature. You might not be able to see how small it is from these pictures, but maybe if I remember I'll post one later that Mallory took with me next to the small things.

The Result

The people have spoken. Here are the final results of my hair poll:

Long and blonder (2 responses, 5%)
Same (3 responses, 8%)
Shoulder length and dark (3 responses, 8%)
Add red streaks to the blonde (4 responses, 10%)
Long and dark (6 responses, 15%)
Go natural (6 responses, 15%)
Short and dark (7 responses, 18%)
Shoulder length and blonde (8 responses, 20%)

... and the winner is...

Short and blonde (12 responses, 30%)

I like it but it will definitely take some getting used to.
Thanks for your help deciding, everyone!

Man Flesh

Shayna asked for a list of the top ten reasons why we need men in our lives. This is the best I could come up with:

1. You always smell better than them--self esteem booster
2. They can lift heavy things
3. They do things for you that you can easily do for yourself (like opening doors and pulling out chairs)
4. They pay for stuff
5. They find your hygiene skills amazing
6. They are the ying to your yang
7. Some of them are good in bed
8. They can fix cars and toasters
9. If they can't fix cars and toasters, they will pretend they can until you've spent way too much money and wasted way too much time and then they'll finally take it into a shop and bug the mechanic with "shop talk" because they're embarrassed they had to take it into someone who knows more than they do.
10. Aragorn, son of Arathorn is a man

I love men. This list being the best I could come up with concerns me though. Rachel's response on the same post was much more touching and legit. Maybe that's why she's married and I'm living the dream, being single in Provo. (That is not the dream. Being single in Cabo during spring break is the dream.) Oh well. Men are a blessing and a curse. This picture of Brad Pitt is closer to the blessing side.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day

monday, may 31
Me, Sammy, and Mallory hiked Stewart Falls.
It was lovely.
I stole this picture from Sammy.


monday, may 24
You jealous? Not nearly jealous enough.

some italian number

saturday, may 22
Oops. I kind of decided that I wanted to take a break from this. The pictures were getting boring and constantly taking them was getting annoying. So, instead, I'm just going to post on here when I feel like it.

This is a ceiling.

Help Me Decide!

Claire is leaving Paul Mitchell and I have to get my hair done before she does. I HATE deciding what to do with my hair... or my life for that matter. So, I've decided to leave it up to you, my faithful bloggers... and whoever else happens upon my blog. This is what I look like right now (this will serve as my before picture):
It's up to you to get me an after picture. I don't know what to do with my hair and I need your help. I have created a poll (on the right side of my blog) to get your votes on how I should do my hair. I promise to do whatever you folks vote that I should (unless something seems fishy about the voting or it's something like shaving my head). If you have a suggestion that is not one of my options, leave it in a comment and I'll add it (maybe). If no one participates, I'll decide, no biggie. But I would rather you all did it for me. So, help a sister out and vote. I'm getting my hair done on Monday! Thanks! :)


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