Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free Piano!!

This piano has been my pride and joy for the past few years and I love it! But, Quinn and I recently signed a lease on a third story apartment in Provo and decided to come back to Fresno next summer to sell pest control again, with the possibility of moving to Idaho after that. So... we've decided that our time with the piano has come to an end. 

It has a broken key that has been effectively mended with duct tape, so it plays just fine, but may need adjusting at some point in the future. The music stand is a little loose, but I think it could easily be mended as well. There are some scratches from all the moves it's been through and after it gets moved again, I'm sure it will need to be tuned, but it's a great little piano and I will miss it dearly. 

Here's the deal: if you want the piano (bench included), all you have to do is let me know and come get it. It's currently at my old house in Provo, and should not be hard to move from there. I've successfully moved it a few times just by borrowing a friend's truck and enlisting some very kind friends to help me move it. 

I have offered the piano to a couple of people who have helped me move it in the past so they will get first priority, but if they don't want it, it's completely up for grabs. I just want it to find a nice home where it will get played. I am hoping to get it moved by Monday, but will probably be able to work something out if you can't get it moved right away. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Changing Blogs

Ok, everyone, I know this is a little dramatic, but I'm creating a new blog since I also created a new email address. I think I'm going to just like wrap this one up by creating blog books or whatever whenever I figure out how to do it. Ha. The time has come to start fresh. I have about six blogs under this username and it's getting a little crowded so I thought it would be a good time now, what with my new name and my new husband and all the time I have on my hands. :)

So please follow me at from now on. Thanks!

Also, don't forget to keep following my 365 blog at Yay, blogging!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oooo Honey Honey.... moon

We had the best honeymoon! It was easy so it was stress free, but it was also jam packed with fun, so we never got bored! These are probably the two qualities in a honeymoon I would recommend the most. That and flexible plans so that you don't really HAVE to do anything if you don't want to. Soooo... we stayed in a Marriott the first night and it was really nice and we loved it and then the first day of our honeymoon was actually Easter, but we forgot to look up a ward to go to and had a bad case of sleep-ins so we just ended up checking out of the hotel late and going to Old Town in San Diego, which was lovely. We had the most delicious Mexican food at El Fandango, walked around and looked at all the cool shops, bought some store-made taffy (delicious!!!), and found a store dedicated to root beer and beef jerky! Someone had the right idea. We'll definitely be back.

Day two of our fantastic little trip was also spent in San Diego. In the morning, we went kayaking in La Jolla and took pictures with a disposable waterproof camera, so we haven't developed them yet, but they are coming.... Then that night, we went to a Padres game with my new brother and sister-in-law, Jordan and Freesia. They got us awesome seats and the game was really good and fun to watch. It went into the 13th inning, but the Padres won with a sweet homer!

Day three was spent half in San Diego and half in Anaheim. The first part of the day, we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which was confusing, but fun. We went on this tram safari thing, which was cool and we walked around and looked at all kinds of animals and stuff too. We even went in this butterfly habitat which was pretty rockin'. The butterflies would just like land on you and hang out. One landed on my toe, which was cool at first, but then when I couldn't walk, it got pretty annoying. We weren't lucky enough to get any of them landing on our heads or anything, but it was still pretty much the awesomest.

More on the honeymoon when I get this picture thing figured out and Blogger stops freaking out.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yay, Money!!

I applied to about a million scholarships this year, hoping that I would at least get one of them and I found out in the last couple weeks that I got two half-tuition scholarships so far, which means that my tuition is paid for in the fall!! I could not be more happy about this! I just hope we can get some grants now to help pay for everything else. But I recommend always applying for scholarships. I didn't think I would get any, but ever since I've started applying, I've been getting them. And believe me, I'm by no means an ideal student. BUT!!! More good news! I got straight As this semester!! Well, I think I did at least. I got all As except for one class that my teacher messed up on my grade, but she's supposed to be changing it so I think I'll have an A in that class soon too. Anyway, I know I'm bragging a little and I know that's annoying, but I'm so excited that I did so well and that my hard work is paying off in monies! It was kind of a rough semester, being engaged and having it be my last of classes, but I pulled it off somehow. I have been so blessed lately, it's ridiculous. Yay!! :)

Week of the Wedding

Now that my countdown is over, I thought I would document how it all went down. The wedding week was as close to perfect as it could get! It was great, and so was the honeymoon, which I'll probably blog about next. :)

Tuesday, I took my last final and moved out of my house and Quinn and I drove to California. It wasn't a bad drive and it felt great to be done with school finally!

Then on Wednesday, I went through the temple and then we went to lunch at Islands. Then that night, Kate and Erin threw me a bridal shower and it was so much fun! So many people came and it was great to see everyone!

Thursday, Quinn and I took our bridals/groomals and Mallory was there helping us the whole time because she's the best. :) She also did my hair and make up. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't think this wedding could have happened without her.

Friday, we all helped set up for the reception, which was BEAUTIFUL, by the way, and then that night, me and some of the ladies went to BJ's for my last night of not being married. Ha.

The wedding day itself was absolutely perfect and I loved every minute of it, but I only really took pictures at the luncheon, so here are some good ones from that.

I wanted to upload more pictures from the luncheon, but our internet is being kind of lame sauce so I'll just stop with these. There were lots of other awesome people at the luncheon, who I wish I could upload pictures of, like Mallory, Kelly, Devin, Sammy, Chase, and Brett, but this will have to do. Anyway, the wedding week went just as planned and it was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who came and helped! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Sad Goodbyes

After four years and about a million job titles, I finally had my last day at the Center for Teaching and Learning today. It was bittersweet because I'm glad to be getting married and moving on to new things, but I'm sad to leave my job and all the friends I've made there. It was a great place to work.

It was also like the saddest ever tonight when we went out to dinner with some of my roommates and their men. It has been so much fun living with them and we've had some great adventures. I am really just so sad to be leaving them. :( But I'll be back and hopefully we can reenact the evening in the fall.

Provo Canyon Adventure

Saturday was kind of intense for me. I had three finals to take and got to campus at 7am. But I came home and Quinn came over and brought me this:

He baked me my favorite, apple pie! Jill helped, of course, but he said she made him do most of it. It was a delicious pie! I've never had a better one. :)

Then we went for a drive because it was a nice day and we ended up at the trailhead for timp and found it was a bit snowy, so we just played catch in the parking lot.

And, of course, took a bunch of selfies.

This one's my personal favorite. :)

Then on the drive home, we had a wildlife siting! We saw these huge birds walking across the street, and while they're probably nothing special, we were pretty stoked, so we, of course, took some sweet pics.

Countdown Update
1 day until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
2 days until bridals/groomals and we get our marriage license
3 days until Sammy, Chase, Kelly, and Devin arrive in California
4 days until WE GET MARRIED!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Updates

Update #1: I'm blonde! I apologize for the less-than-awesome hair-do, but I had to be on campus at 7am this morning and I was not about to wake up half an hour early to make my hair pretty.

Update #2: Also, the weather for the wedding day is looking superb! Let's just hope the rain that is meant for Sunday doesn't get anxious and join us at the reception.

Update #3: Countdown Update!!

1 day until I take my LAST FINAL and we move to California
2 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
3 days until bridals/groomals and we get our marriage license
4 days until Sammy, Chase, Kelly, and Devin arrive in California
5 days until WE GET MARRIED!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Week!!!

Countdown Update!
1 day until my temple recommend interview with the stake president
2 days until Mallory arrives in California and my last day of work
3 days until I take my LAST FINAL and we move to California
4 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
5 days until bridals/groomals and we get our marriage license
6 days until Sammy, Chase, Kelly, and Devin arrive in California
7 days until WE GET MARRIED!!


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