Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Updates

Update #1: I'm blonde! I apologize for the less-than-awesome hair-do, but I had to be on campus at 7am this morning and I was not about to wake up half an hour early to make my hair pretty.

Update #2: Also, the weather for the wedding day is looking superb! Let's just hope the rain that is meant for Sunday doesn't get anxious and join us at the reception.

Update #3: Countdown Update!!

1 day until I take my LAST FINAL and we move to California
2 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
3 days until bridals/groomals and we get our marriage license
4 days until Sammy, Chase, Kelly, and Devin arrive in California
5 days until WE GET MARRIED!!


elise said...

love you blonde!

Merrill Family said...

oh Yeah Blonde's have more fun:) Really we can't wait to share in your party talked to your mamma... she sounds sooo good! Good luck this week we'll see you in a few days.


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