Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Announcements, etc.

With one month left to go, wedding plans are coming right along. I had a long list of things to get on Saturday and I somehow managed to do all of them! It felt amazing, but I didn't get any homework done, so hopefully this weekend I can balance the two a little better. Anyway, I found a guest book that I'm going to pimp out with picture of me and Quinn so that it looks less boring. It's green, which doesn't really go with my colors, but it goes with my new name, so I think it works. :) I also found shoes for the big day and I really like them. I still need to grab some more comfy shoes for when my feet start to bleed, but these will do for pictures, etc. Then I found that rose that I'm either going to attach to a clip or just bobby pin in my hair and I found the garter at Hallmark and I'm going to glue gun a small metal skull on it because it's really the only thing that I can have a skull on for a wedding. I'm pretty excited about the garter... and the shoes... and the guestbook... and the flower... and getting married.... 

and the announcements! We finally got them finished and sent out on Monday! I think they turned out really well and I was able to meet my goal of making them about the same price as postage--stupid stamps are so expensive these days. But hopefully you'll be getting yours soon. If not, you'll have to give me your address so I can send you one. :)

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Shannon said...

Good job getting lots of wedding errands done this weekend! It is a lot of work, but it will be a beautiful day. I got your announcement today. They turned out really nice. I'm impressed! And you and Quinn are just so cute together. I have yours and Vance's up next to each other on the fridge. Love it! :) Hope you have a good, productive week!


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