Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Final Countdown

This week is driving me crazy. It's been insane. For an example, you can read my picture of the day post from yesterday. I took two midterms this morning--one that I was ready for and one that I wasn't, but I think I did alright on both of them. But because of said midterms, I missed a different class and have quite a bit of reading to make up because of it. I also have tons of homework to do tonight and am teaching bright and early tomorrow morning and then am going to be on campus until 6pm. Then I have to do all the make up reading from today. Friday won't be so bad and I have the weekend to work on wedding stuff (which I'm way behind on) but I have a feeling that the rest of the school year is going to be a lot like this week. I have at least three major papers due plus all the regular school work I've been doing and then I have finals (which are actually the least of my worries right now). In between all of that, I have a pretty hefty list of things I need to do before the wedding and I'm going to need to pack up and move all my stuff... to Fresno. I like being busy, but this might be a little much even for me.

To be honest, I kind of did this to myself so that I wouldn't go crazy waiting to get married. It's better for me to be busy than to be sitting around waiting for things so this is good. And it makes life exciting, so there's that. I just hope I can at least maintain my GPA this semester so I can hopefully get some scholarships and not pay tuition next year. That would help a lot. Anyway, my plan to distract myself is working perfectly. The weeks are flying by and I'm being as productive as ever, which is always a good feeling. March is already half over and once April hits, I'm pretty sure my life is going to feel like a whirlwind and I'll barely have time to breath, but that's the way I like it. :) Just as long as I don't get sick or break a bone or something, I think I have a good month and a half ahead of me.

Ever since I can remember, I have found great joy in countdowns for some reason. When I was young, I would count down to EVERYTHING: my birthday, all my family member's birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and most especially Christmas! Every time something good is going to happen in my life, I make myself a good countdown. The most recent example of this is the paper chain I made for Mallory's arrival to Utah around Christmas. You can probably guess that I have a countdown to my wedding--I always know how many days and weeks until we tie the knot. So, because I know all of you care about my schedule just as much as I do, here is my countdown to the wedding day (and lots of other stuff):

1 day until St. Patrick's Day!!
2 days until I pick up Quinn's ring :)
4 days until Spring begins FINALLY
5 days until we send out wedding announcements
10 days until the Festival of Colors!
16 days until my last visit to the classroom for my practicum
17 days until General Conference
18 days until Mallory arrives in Utah
19 days until my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!
20 days until my two huge term projects are due
22 days until Eric and Gini's BIG DAY and Quinn and I drive to CA
23 days until my wedding dress fitting
24 days until Vance and Melissa's BIG DAY
28 days until my LAST DAY OF CLASS in my undergraduate career
29 days until I pack up all my stuff and clear out of my house
31 days until my first final
33 days until Mallory arrive in California
34 days until I take my LAST FINAL (ever) and move to California
35 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
36 days until bridals/groomals
37 days until Sammy, Chase, and Kelly (and Devin?) arrive in California
38 days until the BIG DAY


Shannon said...

I love you countdowns! It really will all go so fast, but it feels so slow when you're in the middle of it. Good luck getting everything done! You can do it! :)

Emily Merrill said...

I love count down's too!! Yours are much more fun then mine...Fresno is that were you guys are headed for married life bliss?! it only 3 hours from us:) we'll have to come say hi!! if not have fun with your count down it will be Wonderful can't wait to see you!

mal said...

Dude. That was an epic countdown! And THANK YOU for putting that picture of Gob on there. Can't wait to see you!

Covey and Shani Ogden said...

You're wedding is coming up so fast! Exciting! Am I invited to your Bachellorette party?! I will be very sad if I am excluded in this joyous and embarrassing event. :(

Natalie said...

WOAH! I got tired just reading about your upcoming month and everything you have to do. GOOD LUCK! I'm excited to see you when Mal gets here. :)


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