Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Countdown Update

4 days until the Festival of Colors!
10 days until my last visit to the classroom for my practicum
11 days until General Conference
12 days until Mallory arrives in Utah
13 days until my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!
14 days until my two huge term projects are due
16 days until Eric and Gini's BIG DAY and Quinn and I drive to CA
17 days until my wedding dress fitting
18 days until Vance and Melissa's BIG DAY
22 days until my LAST DAY OF CLASS in my undergraduate career
23 days until I pack up all my stuff and clear out of my house
25 days until my first final
27 days until Mallory arrives in California
28 days until I take my LAST FINAL (ever) and move to California
29 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
30 days until bridals/groomals
31 days until Sammy, Chase, and Kelly (and Devin?) arrive in California
32 days until the BIG DAY


elise said...

love this!!!

Leah said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm going to miss you guys though...so so much...so this is also quite sad. :( But it will be so great. You are the most wonderful person, and I'm happy you get to have all these experiences! Love you Becky! :)


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