Friday, March 25, 2011


My blog used to be a lot more witty and I truly apologize for the lack of wit lately. It's just that I've been preoccupied with wedding stuff and school and haven't had a lot of time to think of witty things to say. I know it seems like it wouldn't be hard, but according to the fictional Cheech from one of the latest episodes of The Simpons, "Comedy is hard work, man!" And since I'm not actually that funny, it's even harder for me. Unfortunately, I still have few to zero witty comments to share with you today, but I felt inspired to blog. Just kidding. I just felt like it because it's better than the alternative (which is what?--you'll never know). But anyway, I guess I can tell you the story of the bowling alley hottie that we met last night. She was cute and stuff and I'm sure she's lovely, but I think she found her destiny working at the bowling alley. She was sporting some pretty cool (I'm actually not being sarcastic) glow-in-the-dark lightning bolt earrings and greeted us with a "What's up?" instead of a "How can I help you tonight?" How do you answer that? "Uhhh.. I want to bowl?" She was cute though. She even spelled Quinn and Devin's names cute: "Mr, Green" and "Deven." I just wanted to put her in my pocket. But when I really knew it was her calling in life was when she started bowling in the lane next to us and she got so into it, she had to start shedding layers. I must say, I would probably bowl a few on my break too, but she was just bowling alley hardcore. I love the people we see and run into at the bowling alley. On another note, I have a new form for bowling. It's pretty intense. Let's just say I end up on the ground... and so do the pins.

Countdown Update!!!
1 day until the Festival of Colors!
6 days until my last visit to the classroom this semester
7 days until March is over
8 days until General Conference
9 days until Mallory arrives in Utah
10 days until my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!
11 days until my two huge term projects are due
13 days until Eric and Gini's BIG DAY and Quinn and I drive to CA
14 days until my wedding dress fitting
15 days until Vance and Melissa's BIG DAY
19 days until my LAST DAY OF CLASS in my undergraduate career
20 days until I pack up all my stuff and clear out of my house
22 days until my first final
24 days until Mallory arrives in California and my last day of work
25 days until I take my LAST FINAL (ever) and move to California
26 days until I go through the TEMPLE and my BRIDAL SHOWER
27 days until bridals/groomals
28 days until Sammy, Chase, and Kelly (and Devin?) arrive in California
29 days until the BIG DAY

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