Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yay, Money!!

I applied to about a million scholarships this year, hoping that I would at least get one of them and I found out in the last couple weeks that I got two half-tuition scholarships so far, which means that my tuition is paid for in the fall!! I could not be more happy about this! I just hope we can get some grants now to help pay for everything else. But I recommend always applying for scholarships. I didn't think I would get any, but ever since I've started applying, I've been getting them. And believe me, I'm by no means an ideal student. BUT!!! More good news! I got straight As this semester!! Well, I think I did at least. I got all As except for one class that my teacher messed up on my grade, but she's supposed to be changing it so I think I'll have an A in that class soon too. Anyway, I know I'm bragging a little and I know that's annoying, but I'm so excited that I did so well and that my hard work is paying off in monies! It was kind of a rough semester, being engaged and having it be my last of classes, but I pulled it off somehow. I have been so blessed lately, it's ridiculous. Yay!! :)

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Rachel said...

yay! congrats! you smart lady, you!


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