Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Story

This post is really for something else, but I thought I'd post it here too just in case anyone was wondering how Quinn and I know each other...

Little Quinn
Little Becky
I was born into the LDS Church and spent my youth as a member of the Fullerton, CA stake in Orange County. So did my fiance, Quinn. We met at a stake dance, back in about 2003--yes, you can find the love of your life at a stake dance when you're 15. Never underestimate the power of stake youth activities. Little Quinn was a year younger than me and rocking a pretty sexy mullet (for a 14 year-old) and I remember thinking to myself, "Oh baby, if I were younger, I'd be all over that." That was pretty much the last time I thought something like for the next four years. During those years, we were friends and hung out every once in a while (we still debate whether or not our hang outs were dates or not--doesn't really matter anymore). Word on the streets (or rather, in the stake) was that Quinn had developed a crush on me and it never really went away. All I knew was that he was adorable and younger than me and in high school, that meant he was off limits. We dated different people and remained friends.

One of our trips to the beach in 2007--I nailed him
with the straw wrapper. :)
A year or two before Quinn went on his mission to Puebla, Mexico, we had our first kiss. We had gone to the beach one night and were about to get in the car (I may or may not have locked the keys in the car) and Quinn just grabbed my hand and pulled me in and laid one on me. I was NOT expecting it, but it was a pleasant surprise so I went with it. :)

Skip ahead a few more years... Quinn's back from his mission and Facebook chats his old friend Becky. I was pretty excited to hear from him since I had missed him while he was on his mission--but just in like a friend missing a friend sort of way. My friend Mallory and I took a trip to California to see the sights and spend time with my family and I called up Quinn to hang out with us the first night we were there. It was fun seeing him again and we had a fun night at the beach and then I invited him to go to Disneyland with us the next day, kind of on a whim. He got work off and came with us and then we hung out with him and his friend Brett every day for the rest of the trip. By the time we left, I was pretty smitten. Little Quinn was not so little anymore and I had developed a little crush of my own. We also had our second first kiss that week--but this time it was me who made the move. Someone was still a little weird from the mish. :) But he was still so cute. I couldn't resist.

Quinn and I at Crab Cooker my first night back in California
Mallory thought it would be funny to pose us like we were dating
when we went to Disneyland. We didn't mind.
From this point on, I pretty much knew we were MFEO (meant for each other--Sleepless in Seatle), but Quinn was in California and I was in Utah. We continued to do the long distance thing when Quinn moved to Idaho to go to BYUI in the fall, where I visited him every weekend he couldn't come visit me. We were already considering itemhood (Benny and Joon) but we decided to make it official in early fall. Quinn moved to Utah in January and we've been together almost every day since. 
Us on one of my trips to California in July
Us on one of my trips to Idaho in September
Us on our trip to Vegas in October
Us on one of Quinn's trips to Utah in November
Quinn proposed on January 21st and gave me the most beautiful ring in the world. Ever since then, I hate to be parted with it or him. We've been counting down the days until our sealing on April 23rd in the Newport Beach temple and have been having a lot of fun planning for the big day. I'm so excited to marry Quinn, I can't even stand it!! 

My ring!


elise said...

Awe! I love it!! It takes me back to my early days of dating. So happy for you, Becky & Quinn!

mal said...

Great post. Reminds me of the invites I was planning for your party... I even downloaded some of the same pictures hahaha. Thanks for the help! ;)

joyous said...

So cute Becky! Thanks for posting it. I'm excited for your wedding too. ;) Wishing you all the best!!!

The Kitch said...

oh you two, you are too cute. I love it

Merrill Family said...

Thanks for the play by play! I love, love stories! Can't wait till April 23rd party, party:)


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