Thursday, February 17, 2011

Erin Made My Day

My roommate Erin thinks Quinn is like the cutest boyfriend in the whole world--and she is absolutely right. Last night, she was talking to her friend when I walked into the room and he told me she was telling him how she respects our relationship and wants to be like us when she gets engaged. That made my day! I've always wanted  someone to say that about me when I'm engaged/married/have a boyfriend because I think people can tell if you and penguin really have something special. There have been like a handful of couples that I've known that I could have said this about and they were awesome! So it just makes me so happy that someone is finally saying it about me! I mean I know that Quinn is like the best person in the whole world and I lucked out big time, but it was just nice of Erin to say that she thinks we have a good relationship. :)

If think something nice about someone, absolutely always tell them. It will mean more than you know 96% of the time. (See how easy it is to make up statistics? Don't believe everything you read... But this is probably accurate.)

1 comment:

mal said...

hehe you made me laugh in your last paragraph. I think you and Quinn are awesome. And I'm so totally jealous. :)


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