Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Shoeing up Provo Canyon

Quinn and I went snow shoeing up Provo canyon last night and it was so beautiful up there with all the snow. I definitely recommend it while there's still a ton of snow. :)
Quinn took this picture on the side of the road as we drove up.

This is me trying to be artsy.

This is a sweet action shot of me being a pansy climbing up a hill.

And this is Quinn laughing at me. (Just kidding. He was very supportive. :))

Awww he loves me. Even with my headlamp on. :)

I fell down.

Quinn told me I needed to be more upset about it.
This is a weird little video of me sliding down a hill. Enjoy.
And this is Quinn being a much better climber than me.


Elise said...

awe, i love you two!

Quinton said...

I love that video. Especially the scream and then you not going anywhere hahaha. and you succeeded in being artsy, that picture is sweet.

Myk said...

I love snowshoeing. You guys are so cute!

Shannon said...

I've never been snowshoeing! It looks fun. And cold. Also, headlamps rock. :)

corduroy said...

Those winter pics are so beautiful. I think I've only seen something like that in pictures!!! And the video is a crack up!


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