Monday, January 17, 2011

The Perfect Sunday

I had a great day today. :) I think every weekend should be a three day weekend... either that or I should just get my homework done before Sunday night. Either would be fine I guess, but today was great because I have all day tomorrow to work on my homework. I'm not even stressed about it. It's great! Thank you, Martin Luther! Anyway, it's been an awesome weekend. I can't really tell you about all the awesome stuff, but I can tell you that Friday night, Quinn and I worked out, which always makes me happy, and then Saturday we did some shopping and then had a yummy Thanksgiving style dinner at Jill and Kyle's with Vance and Melissa because they came down to pick up her ring, which is gorgeous by the way. But the best part of the weekend was today. It had all the elements of a fantastic Sunday:

  • I woke up and got ready early and I wasn't even tired.
  • I went for a nice walk this morning.
  • Quinn came over and brought me delicious pumpkin pie and made us equally delicious hot chocolate.
  • Quinn and I played the piano and sang for a little while. (I apologize for my roommates and anyone else who might have heard us.)
  • I got to teach Relief Society (I love teaching, or this might have ruined my happy Sunday).
  • We took a nap after church.
  • We made a delicious dinner of chicken, rice, corn, and Dr. Pepper.
  • We ate that dinner while watching The Wizard of Oz (one of the best Sunday movies of all time) in the January room (see photo blog).
  • We played Yatzee with Andrew and Leah and then again with just me and Quinn (and I got a personal record score of 504).
It was just a great day. :) Tomorrow will be full of homework, but there are worse things that I could do with my time. :) This weekend definitely gave me motivation to get my homework done early in the future. It was such a nice, relaxing day.


Elise said...

I wish you had a 'like' button on your page because I totally would 'like' this page!

Natalie said...

Hmmm...sounds like lots of fun, but now you've got me wondering about all of the awesome stuff you can't tell us about...I'll be anxiously awaiting your next post. :)

Merrill Family said...

ok so i've been catching up on your blog! so is this Melissa gal a Solesbee? not tooo many people own the wonderful Solesbee t-shirts.. I do have a few myself well in my younger years. sounds like life is treating you good.


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