Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here are some pictures that I have been meaning to post.. I'm doing some catch up... get it? It sounds like ketchup. Ok, anyway, I don't entirely recall a lot of the dates, so I'm just going to estimate. To start off the picture fun, we have a picture from about two weeks ago when I got a new calendar to put above my computer at work. Unexciting for you maybe, but I love calendars and things that spice up my work area so I love it!

sometime between september 20th and september 22nd

This next one is my personal favorite. Quinn is sporting the stash and we are getting so good at video chatting!

sometime between september 20th and 23rd

Next we have pictures from Lisa's golden birthday celebration in Vegas!!!

friday, september 24
Happy Birthday, Lisa!!

 On Friday night, we rode all the rides on the top of the Stratosphere. They were scary but awesome!! Totally worth it. Plus the guys ahead of us in line who were celebrating a bachelor party were hilarious--mostly because they were ridiculous. But one of them I'm pretty sure crapped his pants on the ride. He didn't look down once. Poor guy. 

These were just my favorite slot machines. A little Wizard of Oz and LOTR shout out.

 saturday, september 25
Day Two of Vegas

 We spent the day at the pool, shopping, and watching the free shows on the strip. It was SO fun but we were so tired when we finally left and went to Cedar City for the night.. where I tragically left my phone. 

Moving right along.. we have an entire week of me not taking pictures and then only two from last weekend. I'm really going to start trying harder. I'm the worst. So last weekend, Quinn and everyone else in Rexburg came down to Provo for General Conference. It was, of course, SO good to see Quinn and Vance and Melissa and Brett and I also got to hang out with Jillian, Kyle, and Becca, which is always a pleasure. Unfortunately, I only took two pictures... :( And I didn't even take them.. Quinn did. 

sunday, october 3

I look kinda weird in this next one, but I love Becca's fierceness.

So there's the update. :)

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