Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gentle Fawn

So this blog post is extremely overdue, but I've also been extremely busy... so that's why. Anyway, I had quite the home improvement adventure back in September when I moved into the house I live in now with my lovely roommates. The place was pretty cute from the outside and the living room looks pretty good as well. However, upon venturing downstairs, me and Kate were shocked by how nasty the walls in our rooms were and how desperately the place needed a make over. Here are some before pictures, complete with a hole in the wall with a pipe sticking out and walls that look like death ran a marathon on them and then threw up after to add a little color:
Notice the yummy curtains on the left as well.
 Pretty delicious, eh?
So... there was only one thing to do. Me and Kate had a painting party... and Lisa had one another day... and we redid these bad boys. Kate painted her room a lovely cement grey and I chose a lovely shade of brown appropriately named Gentle Fawn. Here's some pre-painting tapage:
Half n half...
Here's what I made of that awful pipe:

 The new color, complete with some DP: 
So now that the walls were looking sexy, I had to move all my crap in. I swear I get ten tons of new crap every year...
 Moving is the worst.
But it felt so good to get everything in there finally. Then it was time to make some curtains for my windows so the whole world didn't have to watch me change every morning and night and at times throughout the day...
 So, here's the glamorous finished product:

Welcome to Gentle Fawn. :)

And, to top it all off, some wonderfully generous boys helped me move this bad boy in and I was officially all settled in my new place and I LOVE it!! :)


Elise said...

I'm have sexy feelings about the gentle fawn!

Cathleen said...

Wow! Your room looks great!!!!

Rachel and Danny said...

LOVE the new place!!! You did an awesome job with it!


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