Friday, October 1, 2010


In Kentucky, it's illegal to go more than one year without a shower. (Yes, this is true.)

Here's my five minute explanation as to why:

This law was put in place because one day there was a man at the DMV waiting to get his driver's license renewed and he smelled worse than anything in the entire world. No one would stand near him and a certain faint-hearted DMV worker actually passed out from the gases and died later that day. This man was clearly a public menace as he contaminated any area that he occupied. Once he left the building that day, the stench remained for a calculated 137 hours, despite valiant cleaning and sanitation efforts. The man was spotted later that week at a 7-eleven and was arrested for disturbing the peace... ? Or maybe it was air pollution. They didn't have a specific claim, but this person definitely needed to be in custody, so the men did their duty. Upon questioning, the police found that the man had made it a point not to shower for the past twenty months on account of it "saving ridiculous amounts of time and water." His awful stench was still lingering three forced baths later, at which point experts rendered him incurable and decided that it was probably around fourteen months when he went beyond repair. And so a law was written and passed that stated a shower must be taken at least once a year by all Kentucky citizens, just in case.

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elizabeth said...

Good to know! Had a fun lunch with your mom today. I just love her!!


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