Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I Learned Today

1. If you want to shut down BYU for an hour when it's not Sunday or 11am on Tuesday, get the basketball team in double over time in a NCAA game. The results are phenomenal. This happened today.

2. I'm not the only one who does weird stuff in front of the mirror in public restrooms and then freaks out when someone comes in and tries to pretend like they're doing normal bathroom things. I walked into the bathroom and some girl was doing something strange in front of the mirror and when she saw me, she immediately freaked out mentally (I could see it in her eyes) and then as casually as possible walked into the nearest stall to do her business.

3. I'm a terrible receptionist. I spend a lot of my time saying "I don't know" to people. At least I do it with a smile... sometimes.

4. I don't have as big of a bladder as Stacey, my roommate. Stacey came home last night and informed me that she has a huge bladder and that she knows this because they got a new bladder scanner at the hospital she works at and they scanned her bladder and it's huge. I have taken like 90 trips to the you-know-where today because I've been drinking a ton of water. Her bladder could beat up my bladder any day of the week.

5. Caffeine withdrawals can be UGLY. I will never do drugs since I'm pretty sure it will be worse than what I'm experiencing right now. I have been exhausted for the past two days and I now have a splitting headache. There's no explanation other than the 8 cans of DC I had on Sunday at the Phillips' and the 6 cups of DP I had Tuesday night at Los and then the complete lack of caffeine since then.

6. BYU campus is a prison when you need to finish something at work and you're having caffeine withdrawals. There's no caffeine within a one mile radius of me and I'm going crazy. My boss gave me something important to do before I leave today and it's taking me longer than expected. I have no access to caffeine and I need it like LOST fans need answers... and meds.

7. Sugar can help with caffeine withdrawals but it is not the cure. I thought I would grab something from the Twilight Zone so I got some Red Creme Soda hoping that they slipped some caffeine in there without BYU knowing and some Twizzler's Nibs. It's helping slightly but what I really need is a good solid 32 oz. Dr. Pepper.


Elise said...

I agree with you about the caffeine thing on the BYU campus. Drives me NUTS!

Theresa said...

I LOVE this post!


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