Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today was a good day.

During devotional, Mallory and I solved the health care problem. Not too shabby. After work and school, Mal and I went to Walmart (hate Walmart) to get me a shoe organizer, then we went to Los to get some food and to party, then we went to Smith's and loaded up on grub and ran into Chelsea and Eric and also found these gems (Edward and Jacob Sweethearts: Fire and Ice), and then we came back to my place and studied for and took our PGP quiz. It was a really good version of what could have been a really crappy day.

While Mallory and I are great friends, we do disagree on somethings. I just can't connect with a person who prefers ice cold vampire blood to the hot-bodied, sculpted torso of a werewolf man!

1 comment:

mal said...

best day of the year for sure.


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