Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have tried for most of my life to steer clear of anything having to do with politics, but I came to the realization today that there is no way to avoid them. You know what it's like to have something gnawing at you for years and years but you continue to ignore it? Well, I've actually got a ton of those things, but one huge one has been politics. I have distanced myself from all kinds of politics because they scare me. I am a very opinionated person and looking back on an experience I had my senior year of high school when I participated in a debate about abortion, I know that the way I express my opinions can sometimes be explosive. So, I have tried very hard to avoid having an opinion about anything political from that point on.

I have done this by remaining ignorant. I have never voted because I have never known enough about the candidates to justify supporting one or the other and I refuse to blindly follow one party or another. I don't claim a political party because I have views that agree with both and because I refuse to educate myself on what each really supports. I never watch political speeches and I never take a stand on any issues. I argue that it is because of my general lack of knowledge that I keep quiet, and I do feel that if you don't know what you are talking about, you should educate yourself before taking any staunch position. However, I am finally facing my fears and trying to become more involved.

I have been taking education classes and they have a lot to do with the community and the government because, let's face it, that's where I'll be getting my paycheck for quite a while probably, and the more educated I become, the more involved I want to become. I was hoping this would never happen, but I think, despite my previously avoiding the subject entirely, that it is my responsibility as a citizen to contribute to the betterment of my community. I think it is especially true if I want the right to complain about things like (dare I say it?) Healthcare Reforms and No Child Left Behind... because I plan on complaining for years and years to come.

So, with my new found love of politics, I am open to learning all I can and would love any information any of you might have.

Also, I figure since I've been perfectly capable of and willing to get involved in politics on a smaller scale (such as those at Los and my other places of work as well as in classes), I should be just as willing to get involved in politics on a larger and more important scale. Because, just as it is important who is managing a restaurant so that they can make good policies and make good lead servers, which will affect the employees at the restaurant on a more personal and immediate level, it is important who we vote as president and what bills are passed because the decisions made at the top really do trickle all the way down to every single one of us in one way or another.


Matt said...

The Precinct Caucuses are being held tonight -- you should go to one. I'm gonna go (first time).

Elise said...

I like this post, Becky:) I was talking to Kyle about politics just yesterday and you said a lot of things we had said. It's really rough when people argue politics because no matter how right you are and if you completely disprove your opposer, they will still say ignorant crap. Being right doesn't make them change their minds or make yourself feel better in the long run. I don't mind talking about politics or stating my opinion but I don't like the negative aspects of it. There is no point in getting passionate about it or emotionally involved. Being informed is important but the rest is crap.


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