Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I'm sorry to say that I think my blog has really been going downhill for the past couple months. Mainly because I haven't posted one thing. But also because the last few posts before the blogging famine were rather short and uninteresting. I sincerely apologize for this, since I know you all check my blog everyday just hoping there will be something new and fantastic to read. I will try to avoid writing an entire essay about what's going on in my life and limit it to a semi-short list to get you all caught up.

1. My new obsession is LOST. It's consuming my life, including my thoughts and my dreams. I think I've had more dreams about LOST in the last month than I've had about my real life and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that since mothering Sawyer's child was one of the best, but also most strange moments of my dream life. I am currently on episode 13 of season 4 and at the rate I'm going, I'll be done by the time the final season starts on February 2nd.

2. I started the English Teaching program at BYU and have been helping out a teacher at Oak Canyon Jr. High for the past week. I'm teaching once this week and once next week and then I will go to Lone Peak High School and help a teacher out there for three weeks. It's fun and I'm learning a lot, but I think I will enjoy high school more.

3. My running adventures have all but come to a halt because I hate cold weather, but I have ambitious plans for when it gets warmer out and I'm trying to keep in shape in the meantime.

That list was shorter than I anticipated. I guess my life is even less exciting than I thought. Oh well. There are worse things. To spice things up, following are this year's New Year's Resolutions that I may or may not actually do. (I was surprisingly good at doing them last year so my hopes are high.)

Becky's 2010 New Year's Resolutions:
1. Read the Old Testament and The Book of Mormon
2. Practice piano twice a week
3. Don't do homework on Sundays
4. Run a marathon
5. Stop swearing

I think all of these are attainable, except maybe #5 since I've already failed. But I have until the end of the year to break this habit, so I'll keep trying.


Cathy Merrill Tucker said...

I'm currently reading all of the standard works in a year. (Betsy gave me a schedule last fall.) I failed over the holidays, but I'm back on again. It may be a little too much for a student, but I have a schedule if you ever want one. Love, Mom

Kellies said...

What were your goals last year? I'm impressed that you achieved them!

Linsey said...

I LOVE LOST TOO! I am so glad you joined the band wagon...you should get erin to join too!

mal said...

I do read your blog everyday hoping for something more. And I love that you put a picture of the cast on the sidebar. see you tomorrow!

Merrill family said...

oh Becky I love your goals for 2010 I should stick to your #5 too, My kids are pick up bad habits and my husband is getting REALLY mad at me.I signed up for a Ragnar relay with some girl friends... I hope I don't die!


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