Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Day of School

Today was my last day working at Oak Canyon Jr High. I have really loved working with the kids and have truly gained a greater appreciation for kids that age. I originally thought, like most people going into English teaching, that high school was the place for me. I still might think that. But chances are, I will be placed in another junior high at some point, and there are no complaints here. It has been SO much fun getting to know these kids. They are all so different and interesting and I love seeing them learn. They really do learn in school. I remember feeling like I never learned anything, but I really did and you can really see it as a teacher. I had some great opportunities to teach and I will really miss those kids. The icing on the cake was when the teacher, who was so kind as to let me bother her for three weeks, told the last class that it was my last day and everyone moaned and then she said that I was the best 276 student she'd ever had and then the kids all agreed with her (she had had two other 276 students with these particular classes this year already and many more in previous years). What a great compliment! I was so flattered! Then she filled my evaluation sheets with all kinds of over-the-top praise and I went home beaming, not only because I got rave reviews, but also because it had been a great experience and I can't imagine a better profession. I am extra excited about teaching, although I have definitely learned that it truly is a challenging thing to do. I only taught two different lessons but they were incredibly time consuming to prepare and were tiring to teach. However, despite the HUGE amounts of work I know that I have ahead of me, I am still excited about being a teacher and can't wait to graduate and get back to the classroom. Next week, I start going to Lone Peak and doing the same thing for three weeks and I'm excited and a little nervous about that too. I'm sure it will be another great experience. :)

Also, big news! I finished LOST. It's insane, but overall, probably the best series I've ever watched. I also watched the first episode of this season of 24 and am on a mission to catch up to the rest of the world on that show as well.. at least for this season. I know, I know. I watch too much TV. But really, that's about the only TV I watch, so I feel justified. Also, check out my new other blog. I'm doing the 365 challenge thing and I'm excited about it, at least for now. It might just become an annoyance, but for now, it's way fun.

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Shannon said...

That's great that you got such great evals from the teacher at the junior high! Way to go!

I just re-watched the season finale of Lost from last season and I had totally forgotten what happens! Ahh. I cannot wait for the new season next week.


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