Monday, December 8, 2008

For Mal Bop

It's that time again.. I've not posted anything for quite a while and my vast audience is getting anxious for some new material. So, here it is...
It's Christmas time, which I both love and hate.. but more love, because whilst there's Christmas cheer everywhere and the decorations are pretty and you get to go home for the holidays and such, it's also finals time and a great opportunity to become so stinkin broke it's not even funny. Soooo.. I'm droppin Benjamins everywhere and wondering how long it's going to take me to get back to my comfy spot where I can buy clothes and go out to eat without feeling too terribly guilty, but that's ok, because there are lights and trees and starting today, a little bit of snow.

Bad deal though. I had some car trouble this lovely morning, so I missed my first class, which is fine I suppose but means that I'll have to steal notes from someone because the final is very important to my grade, but that's ok too. No biggie. Just a little bit of a pain. The day has only gotten better though. I went to Italian and found out I didn't do so hot on the midterm, but that the final is going to be an oral exam, which is good news for those of us who suck at grammar on paper, but can stutter for twenty minutes and get a decent grade. So that's a good thing. Also, my other final is not comprehensive, thank goodness! So finals are not fun, but they're looking doable this semester so life isn't so bad after all. And if all goes well, not next Christmas, but the Christmas after, I will be graduated and finals free and have enough money to buy Christmas presents for all without feeling it too bad. We shall see though. As we all know, plans change.

On another note, I think all the adorable couples that just love each other and go walking around in all the Christmassy places and being all Christmassy are just great. I love love, even when it's not me that's doing the loving or being loved. I think it's fantastic. And while some might see it as a bad thing that there's so much marriage here in Provo, I think it's good. Sometimes depressing, but overall good. Love is a good thing and families are a good thing too, so I've decided to just embrace it this holiday season and be happy for everyone that's happy and nice to everyone that's not.

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