Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busted Tube

I've been a little stressed for the past few days because it seems my car is out of commission. I'm so grateful for Brad though. He's so great. Every time I have car troubles, he come to my rescue, saving me from going to a shop and having them tell me a thousand things are wrong with my car and that I need to get them all fixed because I'm just a stupid girl that knows nothing about cars. Anyway, I guess the problem is that one of the power steering tubes fell down and got scrapped on the ground so I just need to replace it. So it's really not a big deal and should be fixed in no time really (and by no time I mean like a week) but that means that I'm back to having no car for a week, which really isn't a big deal, but walking to work won't be fun. That's ok though because I think it's been a bit of a blessing in disguise. I have been forcing myself to go to the gym every morning at 6 and while I love it, I've been a little stressed lately and in need of more sleep and my lack of a car lets me sleep in an extra hour, which it turns out I really needed. So, not having a car for a while has made life slightly more stressful in some ways and less stressful in other ways, which means it's kind of balanced out and it's not really that bad.

On another note, we took roommate pictures on Sunday. They're a little dark, but since it's taken four months to get these, I'm just going to take what I can get. Other than them being a little dark though, I think they're pretty cute. I've got fantastic roommates. We also had our annual Christmas dinner last night at TGIFriday's and it was delicious and the company was wonderful of course.
Also, for all those who are interested, I'm making a mental list of all the restaurants that have vanilla Coke/Pepsi because it's my absolute favorite, and they include Iggy's and TGIFriday's so far. Also, the gas station next to Teleperformance and the Home Depot in Lindon, which I can't remember the name of to save my life. But! If you are a fan of vanilla Coke like I am, those are the places to go.

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