Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Abs as Hard as the Mountain

This summer I've had a lot of chances to go hiking, just chill up on top of a mountain, or go out to a park or something and spend time with friends and it's reminded me of how much I love being outdoors and how beautiful the nature is here in Utah. It just makes me really happy.

One of these times was yesterday morning when Mallory and I hiked the Y. It was harder than expected for me. I'm not in the best of shape, but that's another story. Anyway, it was just way fun and we met some rockin people that were getting their morning exercise on as well. One man was just studly. I would estimate about 0.0004% body fat on that man. He was also sporting quite the natural tan. I don't think that man put a shirt on once all summer, and as I mentioned to Mallory, it's probably because that would have been a sin. This guy, we'll call him Rocky, was running up Y mountain with enough breath to holla at us as he sped past us and me and Mallory panted a "sup". We also met someone who told us were we're going to get the "Donner Party syndrome" if we didn't get up that mountain a little faster. He was a curious sweaty little man. We also checked out the view which was rad. It was a good time. Then we came back home and watched Kingpin. If you haven't seen it, you haven't lived. Then I went and worked 8 hours and felt accomplished for that. It was a good day. A little bit of nature, a little bit of trashy movies, and a little bit of responsibility for good measure.

Let's get contemplative...

My life as of late reminds me a bit of nature and I know that might sound weird.. but just go with it. There have been some bad times and some annoying times, but overall, it's just been great. It's a new kind of great to me too. It's not great because fantastic things keep happening all around me or because I started dating a new guy or am going on a mission or anything exciting like that. It's just been really good. I've been really content with my life, but at the same time excited for change and new things and for the rest of my life.

And now I explain my analogy. I have always thought of nature as a majestic and terrifying phenomenom. But when I get a chance to go out to where there are no sounds of traffic or people, all I hear is silence and it's one of the most peaceful things in the whole world. My life is similar to this right now and I absolutely love it. I don't know if this is just the calm before the storm, if something terrible or wonderful is about to happen that will completely alter my outlook on life, but I feel somewhat invincible emotionally and I've never felt like this before.

Even though my life feels peaceful and I'm content, I know that it's incredibly rich. There is so much more than I can accomplish in life and the fact that I have been given endless opportunities to make of life what I want to make of it amazes me. Just like when I am surrounded by nature and am amazed by it's power and beauty.

The past couple weeks are a great example of this. I have been staying with Mallory and waiting to move into my apartment. At first I thought it would be kind of a waiting period when I just really wanted to get to my new place and get settled, but I've found that it's been incredibly fun and fulfilling somehow. And I'm in no hurry to move even though I know that when I do, I'll be happy about that too. That's what I mean. I just have found that life is incredible, even when it may seem mundane, rocky, or just down right hard. And happiness is not hard to find if you're sincerely looking for it.

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Mallory Phillips said...

Okay I almost died laughing just barely. That was an awesome post. And just for the record, I feel the same way! Just happy as a clam about the odd transition time. To that whole post: True dat!


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