Monday, September 8, 2008

My Rainy Parade

This past week has brought a few big changes into my life. I started school again (only two classes, but the homework still hasn't ceased to amaze me), moved into my new apartment, met my new roommate (her name is Cheryl.. very nice girl), changed wards, and actually started my mission papers which I'm putting in in three and a half short weeks. And with all this excitment also came a soar throat and sore muscles. I'm assuming this has happened because I'm a little more stressed than usual, especially since I'm adjusting and have run out of money completely due to tuition sneaking up on me. But I must say that it really has come at the most inconvient time possible. I have my doctor's appointments this week for my physical and I'm a little scared that they'll say I have to reschedule or something due to my not being at the top of my game. But rather than giving up hope, I just popped some pain killers and am going to try to fight through it today. Maybe they won't notice my swollen glands. Here's hoping.

Some other important events...

I climbed my first fence on Thursday night. It was incredible. I was terrified because I can really be a big baby sometimes, but Mallory, being the angel that she is, was patient with me and held my hand the whole way through. It really was a perfect ending to that day though. I had been pretty stressed out that day, feeling overwhelmed and tired about school and money.. the usual. So when me and Mallory went for a jog, I thought I would just do two miles (which is sadly more than I usually do since I never go running anymore) and call it a night. But when I started running on the track, all I could do was look up at the sky and the beautiful mountains and think about how life really isn't so bad. It felt so good to run so I just kept going and ran for four miles instead. That is some theraputic shiz.

Non sono molto bene con italiano. I also started my feared Italian 202 class last week. Scary stuff. It's gonna be a toughie for me. Good news though! The professor is really good and the people seem to be pretty nice so far, so life isn't so bad after all. And I must say I love the language. It's just learning it that kicks my butt.

I also got to go to my cousin's baby's blessing last Sunday and it was so good to see the family. I hadn't seen my cousins in years and it was great to spend some time with them. It was also amazing as usual to see my grandparents. After the blessing, we went to the park and had a bbq, after which I went home with about 17 pounds of beef, some jell-o salad-like dishes, cookies, and tomatos. Sometimes being the student in the family has it's advantages apparently.

Off to school I go.


Myk said...

A MISSION!!!! How exciting Becky, please let me know when you know where you are going. We have sister's in our ward right now that actually live next door, so maybe you will get your call to Kansas City, MO and you can come over for dinner everynight! Anyway, I am glad we are blogging buddies

Mallory Phillips said...

1) thanks for the fence climb shout out

2) therapeutic shiz line: funny

3)miss you

Mallory Phillips said...

4) cute background (I miss the 90's though)


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