Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oooo Honey Honey.... moon

We had the best honeymoon! It was easy so it was stress free, but it was also jam packed with fun, so we never got bored! These are probably the two qualities in a honeymoon I would recommend the most. That and flexible plans so that you don't really HAVE to do anything if you don't want to. Soooo... we stayed in a Marriott the first night and it was really nice and we loved it and then the first day of our honeymoon was actually Easter, but we forgot to look up a ward to go to and had a bad case of sleep-ins so we just ended up checking out of the hotel late and going to Old Town in San Diego, which was lovely. We had the most delicious Mexican food at El Fandango, walked around and looked at all the cool shops, bought some store-made taffy (delicious!!!), and found a store dedicated to root beer and beef jerky! Someone had the right idea. We'll definitely be back.

Day two of our fantastic little trip was also spent in San Diego. In the morning, we went kayaking in La Jolla and took pictures with a disposable waterproof camera, so we haven't developed them yet, but they are coming.... Then that night, we went to a Padres game with my new brother and sister-in-law, Jordan and Freesia. They got us awesome seats and the game was really good and fun to watch. It went into the 13th inning, but the Padres won with a sweet homer!

Day three was spent half in San Diego and half in Anaheim. The first part of the day, we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, which was confusing, but fun. We went on this tram safari thing, which was cool and we walked around and looked at all kinds of animals and stuff too. We even went in this butterfly habitat which was pretty rockin'. The butterflies would just like land on you and hang out. One landed on my toe, which was cool at first, but then when I couldn't walk, it got pretty annoying. We weren't lucky enough to get any of them landing on our heads or anything, but it was still pretty much the awesomest.

More on the honeymoon when I get this picture thing figured out and Blogger stops freaking out.


elise said...

Becky, as far as pictures go, get a account and upload your picts there, edit them to the size that'll fit your blog and just copy and paste the 'HTML CODE' (under the picture in photobucket) and paste it in the body of your post (centered) and that's how you get past that. Let me know if you need help!

Matt said...

This is really weird, Becky... I was also married on Apr 23 and we spent our honeymoon in San Diego (mostly in La Jolla). We also stayed at the Marriott. Spooky...


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