Friday, September 24, 2010


How I used to do the 365 picture challenge and then failed and then started kind of doing it and then failed again? Well, I realized that it's really fun to go back and look at those pictures, so I'm going to attempt it again but not beat myself up if I miss a day. So here's some catch up...

friday, september 10
Quinn was in town, so we went mini golfing with Sammy and Chase. It was a lot of fun.. they won. They always do. But that's ok. I love them anyway. It was good to see them and they were so cute all matchy matchy. :)

saturday, september 11
The next day, we went fishing with Quinn's sister, Jill, and brother-in-law, Kyle, and their adorable little baby, Becca (great name). It was my first time fishing and I loved it! I caught that little guy in the picture and then Kyle taught us how to cut those suckers up and cook them and we enjoyed some delicious bass (or rainbow trout). Later that day, we went up some canyon and had a fire and tin foil dinners. It was lovely. :)

friday, september 17
I love little Garrett and Abby. They are the best babies. :) I drove up to Idaho and stopped in Logan to have lunch with them and Nat and Mal and it was so fun to see them all! I'm going to miss these little guys when Mal goes to Virginia on Friday because I'm betting our face time will dramatically decrease. But I was so happy they were willing to meet me and we could have some soup together. :)

sunday, september 19
I spent the weekend in Idaho with Quinn and it was awesome, as always. :) He's teaching me how to do the Rubick's cube and I've almost completely nailed it! He's such a good teacher. :)

More to come...


Shannon said...

I love all the fun pictures! Sounds like you've been keeping busy with my favorite Green family! I still can't get over how cute you and Quinn are. Congrats on the fish. I've caught a few in my lifetime, but I draw the line and cutting them open. :)

elizabeth said...

Does Quinn seriously have a mustache?? What a dork. . . you can tell him I said so. . .but tell him I was smiling at the time. I am impressed with the fish cutting. I don't mind the fishing or the eating part. We even make Mr. Olson de-bone them for us before we eat them. We are such a wussy household!!

Elise said...

I challenge you to a Rubik's cube match!


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