Friday, August 20, 2010

If You Could Be Anything...

... in the whole wide world... what would it be? Well... my answer to this question is probably weird to most of you. And there are probably three people in the entire world that could have guessed what it was. But, if I could be anything in the whole entire world, I would be a carpenter. I love carpentry. Who knew? Well, I knew. If I could have a big workshop on my property somewhere in the woods and work there all day long and bring home the big bucks, I would. Weirdest dream ever, I know. But there it is. My love of carpentry sent me on an interesting path today on YouTube. These are my two favorite carpentry clips of the day:

This clever gentleman created a table that walks! You know how you're always trying to move your table and then it scrapes against your hardwood floor? Who hasn't seen that scenario played out a thousand times? Problem solved. Ingenious!

Words don't even need to be spoken to describe this video. What a beautifully crafted table! And so functional! I'm in awe of this table.

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