Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Living the Dream

So my experience at the high school has been completely different from my experience at the junior high. For one thing, I haven't gotten five stars on everything I've done, which has been a little discouraging. But, I think I've learned a lot while working at the high school because the first time I taught was just not very awesome and I felt so lame. But the teacher gave me some tips and another opportunity to teach and it went a lot better. So, it was a little humbling, but I think it's good to be teachable and I think I am because I was able to successfully change the things that were not super effective the first time around and make my overall teaching experience better and hopefully got through to the students a little bit better too. It probably helped that the second time I taught (today) was to seniors who are like little adults and pay much better attention.

On a less professional, and I mean WAY less professional, note, me and Mallory have become "boarders." Actually, we probably shouldn't claim the title. At least I shouldn't because I can't even carve yet, but I'm starting to actually enjoy it as opposed to butt sliding down the mountain and going home exhausted, trying to convince myself that it was a good time. (The company is usually the only redeeming quality of the trip.) But anyway, we went twice this week, which is a lot for those of us who usually go once a year AT MOST. It's been PIMP. (I'm starting to talk like Mal, but she's also starting to talk like me so I don't feel too bad about it.) I'm way sore today because I took a couple of retarded tumbles, but it was well worth it. We also had some stimulating conversation with random strangers on the lift, which is always refreshing. There was one fellow who rode with us twice and I'm still debating whether or not that was just a coincidence. But he was a lovely man and shared with us his love for snowboarding. It was inspiring to say the least. One thing I recommend to all snowboarders ever is to bring the pod. Listening to my favorite jams really made the trip ten times more enjoyable... but then again maybe not everyone is as addicted to the magical goodness of the pod as I am. To each his own. To me, my ipod.


Rachel and Danny said...

So I don't think I've ever posted on your blog before, but I do read it (I talked to you about Heathcliff one day at work, remember?) :)

Anywho - so jealous that you've been able to go boarding. I've only been twice.. I'm still at the butt-sliding stage, but it is tons of fun.

And - I bet your an awesome teacher. You're pretty awesome anyways, though.

Matt said...

What do you teach? Or plan to teach?

mal said...

where is the like button on this thing? this post was pimp.

B-Tuck said...

i plan to teach english at the secondary level.

Anonymous said...

You might want to start out at the primary level until you learn not to say "Me and Mallory have become boarders". Well in an English class anyway. You could probably get away with it in auto-mechanics or ROTC or animal husbandry, or home economics, or any of the math disciplines, most of the sciences, the sports classes, almost everywhere but English! Heck, in most of those classes, you could get away with saying "me and Mallory have become borders" No one would even bat an eye! Just be careful in English, use the old fashion "Mal and I have become boarders" However, you're (<-show this one to Rachel and Danny) such a babe, you could even say that with an index finger up your nostril, and no one but me would even care!

mal said...

rude anonymous comment


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