Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ever since I ran the half marathon last Saturday, my right leg has been killing me. It's gotten better slowly but I feel like everytime it almost heals, I do something else to aggitate it and it ends up continuing to hurt for another couple days. For instance, I wanted to go trail running this morning (and running every other day of the week) but I've been frantically moving and cleaning for the past couple days and haven't been able to give my leg much of a rest and so all the healing that took place, making me think that I would be feeling good enough to go running today was bascially reversed and I'm back to where I was a few days ago.

Now, don't feel too bad for me. The pain isn't unbarable, but it's enough to make running even a mile surprisingly painful and at random points during the day, it will just hurt a ton more than others. I haven't gone this long without running in months and it's driving me crazy!! I feel like I'm getting completely out of shape and will have to start all over again. This is terribly frustrating. Also, I'm pretty much addicted to running and so I feel like I'm not getting my fix and therefore have been slightly grumpier than normal and to top it all off, I just naturally feel like a fat lard because I haven't been getting the exercise in that my body is used to.

I guess I'm not the first person in the world to have an injury slow them down athletically, but this is a first for me. I hurt my other leg a couple months ago but it healed a lot faster than this one is. I only had to not run for a day or two. But this is beastly. It refuses to leave me alone.

Another frustrating element of my life right now is the fact that I have to be homeless for two weeks even though I've paid my rent for the entire month (I'm pretty sure.. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure.) Why does BYU housing do this? It's ridiculous! Where are people supposed to go for two weeks?! Luckily I have plenty of places to go, but what if I didn't have nice friends? I would have to fly home and get a storage unit or live out of my car even though I'm not homeless! Like I said, I pay rent. I just feel like this is absolutely ridiculous. I know there are plenty of other people that agree with me, so why is this still a problem? I know for a FACT they don't clean those blasted apartments after we move out. It's a bunch of lies and housing is poopilious. Anyway, those are my frustrations. Sorry, this kind of turned into a venting blog rather than an entertaining one, but I think I'm just extra grumpy because mal bop gets to be out trail running whilst I sit on my lazy bum for the next couple hours and all the moving is partially to blame. :(


mal said...

I missed you on that run. But we are going to have the best time at Vegas. Also I could give you a daily massage if you think that would help... anything for you

Cathleen said...

Yeah. Not being able to exercise sucks BIG time. I understand that one well! Hope your leg improves permanently soon! :)


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