Monday, June 1, 2009

Life After...

I just got back from a week at Lake Powell last week and it was like OMG SO FUN!!! But really, it was way fun! And I totally miss it. But it got me thinking about life after Powell.. or in other words, life after something really good. You go do this awesome thing and have so much fun and then you come back to life and work and your normal everyday. How dreadful, right?! It reminds me of how much it sucks when you break up with someone. You have this person to be with you and share your life with for however long and then all of a sudden they're not there and you have to face everything on your own again. That just seems kind of devestating. So, even though I realize it's not that bad being on my own since I've been single for a substantial amount of time now, I can definitely see how breaking up is so hard. But back to Powell... I'm just about recovered at this point. It's been almost a week since I got back and I'm having a good time just living my normal life again but it was like coming off a drug there for a while. I was grumpy at work.. mainly because I had to be at work instead of out on a boat, not because there was anything wrong with work. I was definitely going through withdrawals and to top it off all my friends picked up boyfriends at the same time! Sad news.. poor little me was all alone in the world for a couple days. How depressing, huh? My life is so hard.

Anyway, now that the drugs are almost completely out of my system and I can breathe in the regular world again, I'm feeling it again. And guess what?!! It's SUMMER!!! The most awesome time of the year, especially when you live somewhere like Provo where snow puts a blanket of sadness on the valley for 8 months of the year. But for the next three to four months, we have sunshine and pool basketball and floating the provo river and hiking and all sorts of other happiness so I'm pumped to enjoy it. So I guess life after Powell isn't so bad.. or life after break ups or after the end of other really awesome things.. it just takes some getting used to. So, if you just did something awesome or a really great relationship just came to an end or you just moved away from your favorite person or place, this too shall pass. Your dependence on the drugs, whatever they are, will go away, and you'll realize that there is so much fun and important shiz out there for you to do and you'll go do it.


Kellies said...
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Kellies said...

Thank you for writing about this! I am at the end of a study abroad and was just thinking the same thing. How am I going to come back from Europe and deal with normal life again? This is just what I needed. Good job being amazing and stuff.


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