Monday, April 13, 2009

Fly Boi

WOOOOOOO!!!! Today was my last day of classes for the semester and I'm PUMPED for summer! Despite the fact that it's supposed to snow on wednesday, life is good. My grades look promising so far for the semester too, which is a good feeling. I still have two finals to take, but I should do fairly well on them so I'm not too worried about it. I'm taking a trip home to California from April 29th-May 4th and I'm excited for the break and to spend some time with my family even though I really don't love flying. I should have driven instead but the plane ticket was so cheap and the airline so wonderful, I just couldn't help myself.

And here is where you all find something out about me that you may not have known before: I am a walking advertisement for Jet Blue Airlines. Jet Blue does make it so that I can have "happy jetting." Not only do they offer the lowest prices I've found anywhere on flights, but they also fly into Long Beach Airport, which is the cutest airport I've ever seen. Low prices tend to be more exciting to people though, so we'll address that for a moment. I bought tickets to fly home at $49 one way. That's incredible! Not long ago, they had a special on flights from San Fran to NYC for $15!! I'm not even kidding. So, now you're thinking, "Hmmm.. this can't be as good as it sounds. The planes must be tiny or cramped and I'll probably be smashed in between the armpit of a really fat smelly guy and an 85 year-old's knitting bag that smells strongly of ipecac and peppermint the whole time, while I try desperately to watch Cheaper by the Dozen on the smallest screen ever invented four rows in front of me!" But, and I'm sure this is to your delight and surprise, you are thinking wrong. On your flight with Jet Blue, you will be seated in a spacious and comfortable leather arm chair with plenty of leg room and your own personal television screen right in front of you. All you have to do is plug in your headphones and change the channel to your favorite VH1 reality show and you're good to go for the next however many hours it takes you to get where you're going. A little chilly? Simply reach up and turn off the air vent above your seat. Feel like getting some reading in? There's a reading light just for you. Just reach up and make it happen. If I haven't already convinced you to fly Jet Blue whenever possible, please take into consideration the delicious beverages and snacks offered on every flight. You won't get the little half-cans of soda and no flight attendant will tell you you can't have more chips if you want more chips. Your snack selection is unlimited. And for those of you who get a little lonesome on plane rides, they offer a selection of spirits to help you lift your own spirits for a reasonable price. Happy jetting, America!


mal said...

now i'm going to jet blue dot com...

Myk said...

good to know. You crack me up Becks!

Theresa said...

I totally agree with you! I've traveled a lot in the last few years, and Jet Blue pretty much rocks. I flew them to Washington D.C. in February, and the non-stop cross country flight was a pleasure. I didn't have to pay extra for my checked luggage, and I got a bag of chips AND cookies, with nary a moment of hesitation from the flight attendant. I flew back to Washington D.C. in March - on a different airline - and was sorely disappointed.

AND, I also agree that the Long Beach airport is a cute little airport. Though it's old and small, I prefer it to the larger airports where you have to walk 17 miles in between terminals.

Next week I'll be going to Metarie, Louisiana (work), then Dallas (work), then SLC for Markie's graduation. Unfortunately, non of those flights will be on Jet Blue.

Cathleen said...

I really don't love flying either. I LOVE driving!!! A great car with a good cd or ipod available and the open road can keep me very happy for hours and hours.
But you did sell me on JetBlue also. I tried it and couldn't believe how much better it was than any other airline I've flown in recent years.
Your advertisement is quite convincing! :)


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