Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Poem for Quinn

It’s the first of December
and all that I can do
Is sit and remember
the good times with you.

My living room is beautiful
thanks to Kate my roomie,
But my homework is so dull
that I still sometimes feel gloomy.

The day you drove away
and I had a chat with Mal,
I fashioned myself a way
to countdown ‘til we see our pal.

So every morning I rip
a paper link off the chain
‘Til you’re here and a trip
Mal takes on a plane.

Until that super fun time,
my days are all alike:
The hill to school I climb
hoping not to step on a spike.

At night, home I come
to make myself some food.
And as I cook, I hum
my favorite Christmas songs, dude.

I just love this season
but I could do with a little less snow.
Because it’s just one more reason
why I can’t see you, you know?

But, let’s look on the bright side:
I have time to focus on school.
And just for the sake of my pride,
I have to keep acting like it’s cool.

Really, I’m not that upset
because three weeks is close to none
And I know I would regret
Not getting my homework done.

So I’m happy that it’s Chrismas time
and I get to see you soon
Even though I have not a dime
or time to watch “Benny and Joon.”


Shannon said...

Wow. Becky you are quite the poet! :) Hope the rest of the semester goes by quickly for you so it can be Christmas and I can have my baby and you can see Quinn and we can all be happy!

ashley.warner said...

love this!
i hope things are going well for you pretty lady!

Quinton said...

I love it!

corduroy said...

Great poem Becky! :) Watch out for those spikes! :-)


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