Friday, November 5, 2010

Mormon Halloween

The best part of Halloween in Utah is that when Halloween falls on a Sunday, NBD, we all agree to celebrate on Saturday. Back in California, Sunday Halloweens were always such a bummer for us Mormon kids. We had to go to church while the rest of the world celebrated the ghosts and monsters and dressed up all cool. But not here. Kids here have it made. Well, at Halloween at least. :)

So, we took advantage of the Mormon Halloween here in Utah and had a great Saturday before Halloween. Me and Quinn went to the Hogle Zoo and saw all these cute little children dressed up so they could trick or treat at the zoo and we also saw a bunch of animals, which was cool. :)

Then that night, Kelly put together a FANTASTIC Halloween Los party at my house. It was so fun to see everyone!! And everyone dressed up. It was so fun! Kelly and Devin were my favorite. They were dead prom dates. It was adorable and creepy at the same time. A job well done.

And even though these pictures are from October, I'm posting them in November, so I'm thankful for Halloween. I love getting dressed up and having excuses to see friends. :)

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