Monday, June 7, 2010

Man Flesh

Shayna asked for a list of the top ten reasons why we need men in our lives. This is the best I could come up with:

1. You always smell better than them--self esteem booster
2. They can lift heavy things
3. They do things for you that you can easily do for yourself (like opening doors and pulling out chairs)
4. They pay for stuff
5. They find your hygiene skills amazing
6. They are the ying to your yang
7. Some of them are good in bed
8. They can fix cars and toasters
9. If they can't fix cars and toasters, they will pretend they can until you've spent way too much money and wasted way too much time and then they'll finally take it into a shop and bug the mechanic with "shop talk" because they're embarrassed they had to take it into someone who knows more than they do.
10. Aragorn, son of Arathorn is a man

I love men. This list being the best I could come up with concerns me though. Rachel's response on the same post was much more touching and legit. Maybe that's why she's married and I'm living the dream, being single in Provo. (That is not the dream. Being single in Cabo during spring break is the dream.) Oh well. Men are a blessing and a curse. This picture of Brad Pitt is closer to the blessing side.


mal said...

that pic made my day

Rachel and Danny said...

Ha, I came up with two before I was like, "Danny... help me - why do I need you?" haha

Cathleen said...

I never liked anything about Brad Pitt except at one time he reminded me of the Sundance Kid. And yet, that is quite the pic. Hahaha.


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