Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dodged that Bullet

I have been meaning to purchase an external hard drive for some time now, and by some time I mean about three years. I rent a computer from BYU and so one day will lose it and with it all of my information and so I thought it best to have it all stored somewhere else. But! Like most other things, I put off the purchase because those things are expensive and I'd rather have new clothes or a new version of guitar hero or a car. So, I put it off and I put it off and finally I decide that I should just get her done and make the purchase even though I can't really afford it. So to Walmart I go. I buy the little beauty shown on the left. It's quite a gem. Holds 500 GB and that's plenty for me. Home I skip, new hard drive in hand. Once I get home, I go to town, storing all my pictures, music, and documents on the little sucker and basically cleaning out my computer. About five minutes after I do all this, my lovely little rental computer says it needs to restart. Now, it's been having some problems rebooting lately. It will but then it won't again and then it will and then it won't again, but eventually, it always does. This time was different. My companion of three years, this little computer that got its start at the MTC and then made its way to the IT office to be rented to me, finally gave up the ghost. Good thing I finally splurged and bought that external hard drive or everything I've done, all the music I've purchased, and all the pictures I've taken over the past three years would have been gone forever. Phew! Call it luck if you want to, I'm gonna call it a blessing, but whatever it was, I'm so glad it happened!


mal said...

that's really incredible. and don't worry i was cropping sam and dallin out of the picture. you'll find the original on facebook ;) luh you

Myk said...

God was good to you!

britt said...

You have inspired me. I have also been thinking of making such a purchase for quite some time. After reading about your story I realized the time is now--but now is actually Sunday, so the time will have to be tomorrow.


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