Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free Piano!!

This piano has been my pride and joy for the past few years and I love it! But, Quinn and I recently signed a lease on a third story apartment in Provo and decided to come back to Fresno next summer to sell pest control again, with the possibility of moving to Idaho after that. So... we've decided that our time with the piano has come to an end. 

It has a broken key that has been effectively mended with duct tape, so it plays just fine, but may need adjusting at some point in the future. The music stand is a little loose, but I think it could easily be mended as well. There are some scratches from all the moves it's been through and after it gets moved again, I'm sure it will need to be tuned, but it's a great little piano and I will miss it dearly. 

Here's the deal: if you want the piano (bench included), all you have to do is let me know and come get it. It's currently at my old house in Provo, and should not be hard to move from there. I've successfully moved it a few times just by borrowing a friend's truck and enlisting some very kind friends to help me move it. 

I have offered the piano to a couple of people who have helped me move it in the past so they will get first priority, but if they don't want it, it's completely up for grabs. I just want it to find a nice home where it will get played. I am hoping to get it moved by Monday, but will probably be able to work something out if you can't get it moved right away. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. 

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Kellies said...

I would love that!


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