Monday, May 17, 2010

Real Life

This is what happens when someone like me discovers something like In other words, I wasted a good amount of time making these ridiculous pictures so I feel the need to share them somewhere.

First, we have me in LOST. This actually happened. They filmed the first season with me as Kate but I gained a couple pounds and thought Jack was a tool so they "politely" let me go and re-filmed the entire thing. Biggest mistake they've ever made. I'm much more expressive than the current Kate and much more modest as well. I think the show would have reached a broader audience had they kept me. Not to mention the millions of dollars it cost to reshoot.

Next, we have Mal and Rob. To be honest, Rob is a little annoyed with his new company. He tried to hide it for the photo, but he clearly has a "get this monkey woman off my back" look on his face. Poor Mal, she only wanted to take a smokin' hot pic for my blog. What a good friend.

Ahhh, our wedding day. Some thought it couldn't be done: me marrying a gay man while wearing the ugliest dress in the world. We have radically different political views, and sometimes it's kind of a one-way relationship, but if he can accept me in this dress, I can accept that he's more attracted to his "best friend" than he is to me.

This was one of those moments I wish never got caught on camera. I had had a few too many and Rob looked good to me that night. Wentworth doesn't need to know about this. Let's just keep it between me and you.

Speaking of infidelity, it was one thing when Wentworth would cheat on me with his best friends, but cheating on me with mine is just a slap in the face.

I hope you enjoyed this saga that is my life. Hopefully next time the pictures will be more real and less full of betrayal.


Shannon said...

Bah! You are hilarious. Wentworth is hot. No doubt about it. Not sure how I feel about your Rob love though. He bugs me. :) I would like to see the lost footage of you as Kate on Lost. I'm sure you were amazing.

Leelee said...

HAHAHA Oh my goodness these pictures are hilarious! You are so funny, I love you Becky.

B-Tuck said...

oh rob bugs me too. I just couldn't resist some of these pictures. they were just too funny.

Elise said...

lol, did you see the one I put on my blog? It's my brother in law and edward holding each other... precious


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