Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you know what it FEELS like?

My current obsessions include:

working out at Gold's Gym
my NEW CAR!!! (yes, that was what I was freaking out about in my last blog - stay tuned for details)
anything related to my new car (a.k.a. air fresheners, cds, and oil changes)
"Do you know?" (The Ping Pong Song) by Enrique Iglesias
the TRC
figuring out how to get home for the holidays
graduating as quickly as possible (which seems to be April 2010)

Wish me luck on the test I'm about to take and am procrastinating studying for.. should be a toughie. British Literary History may be interesting but when you haven't done the reading, the tests are still no bueno. Good news though.. Madagascar 2 is out and I saw Mamma Mia for the second time this past weekend so as far as movies are concerned, life is good. Also, unfortunately for all of his fans, Brian was kicked off of the Pick Up Artist last night. Now he's out in the real world asking women just like me and you if they will pull his finger. It was close though, and luckily, the now even more adorable because he's been on a mission, Greg will be staying around for a while longer and we'll get to see him progress in his pick up artist ways. Good luck to all the gentlemen in their efforts.


mallory said...

i'm currently obsessed with you

Susie said...

I still can't get over Greg, I would totally pull his finger if he asked me too!! And if I hear the Ping Pong song one more time, I'll flip.


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